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The Up with People International Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship was funded by gifts made to the UWPIAA by alumni and friends. “During the last several cast reunions in Tucson, the IAA has raised funds for scholarships” says Rick Small, Development Chair of the UWPIAA. “Each year we gave Up with People funding for annual scholarships, but this year is extra special.” The entire $50,000 contribution is establishing the corpus of the endowment and will never be spent. Only the annual earnings of the endowed fund shall be given out to Up with People students.
The purpose of the endowed scholarship fund is to provide financial support for students who represent Up with People’s traditional underrepresented constituencies of male performers, ethnic minorities and musicians. “This is the kind of scholarship assistance that can make the difference in so many ways,” says Eric Anderson, Vice President of Admission for Up with People. “Our alumni are a critical component of our recruiting strategy and with this Endowed Scholarship they have taken the next step to ensure that worthy and talented students have the same opportunities that so many of us once had.”
UWPIAA has been contemplating how best to establish this scholarship. “A great deal of thought and foresight was put into this agreement to ensure its lasting impact,” indicates Marc Barbeau, Vice President of Advancement for Up with People. “It has been a pleasure to work with several representatives of UWPIAA on this project.” Fred Heismeyer, Vice President of UWPIAA, said on behalf of all alumni, “It is a pleasure to continue our support of UWP with the establishment of this endowed fund. The establishment of the fund provides both organizations another opportunity for a long and meaningful partnership.”
The UWPIAA Endowed Scholarship Fund at Up with People is considered an open fund where additional contributions can be added to the principal of the fund at any time. Alumni and friends of UWPIAA and UWP are encouraged to contribute to this fund. Additionally, if you are interested in learning more about  how you can establish your own endowed scholarship personally or through your cast, please contact Marc Barbeau at


Business networking, student mentoring and career guidance are just some of the ways the new UWPIAA CareerConnect Committee will help alumni from all eras create productive partnerships to advance their careers. Won’t you join us?

Join the HR Project
Attention, HR specialists! While many alum reach out within our network for career help, there are some times when we just don’t know who to call. UWPIAA’s CareerConnect is organizing a Human Resource/Job Skills team that can offer job coaching and teach interviewing and networking skills. Your expertise is needed! For more information, please call Suzanne Hinton, E80, USA at 719.510.7779 or email

Get LinkedIn
You are invited to join our growing list of alumni followers on our official UWPIAA LinkedIn page at Add the page under your own profile and look for future discussion areas. We’ll also post links to our UWPIAA website for alumni business/service listings and alumni networking, and we encourage the few independent alumni groups on LinkedIn to connect with us to build an even stronger network.

Meet Face to Face
Reunion 2014 is this July and Celebrate 50! Reunion 2015 is coming up fast, and we are planning some fun and informational resources for both. We hope you’ll stop by our table at Reunion 2014, and that you can participate in some our terrific Celebrate 50! break-out sessions, speaker and speed networking events.
Get on board with CareerConnect! We welcome your questions, suggestions and feedback at


March 2014 UpBeat now available online!

The UWP International Alumni Association is happy to announce the release of the latest edition of UpBeat!

The March 2014 edition of UpBeat is filled with news from alumni around the world and across the ages. You'll read about fellow alumni in service to their community, other alumni, and Up with People and learn about the many exciting new opportunities for you to engage with your fellow alumni and reconnect with Up with People.

We hope you enjoy this edition of UpBeat and encourage you to send your comments or suggestions for story ideas to