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Rome! Rome? Me? In Rome? With that Cast B 2013?

Oh! Yeah of course!

We performed for the telethon in RAI2! What? For a telethon on the national TV station!

That was an… interesting experience :-D

I’m not sure all of production staff were so happy about this interesting, very short experience! The TV production made some interesting changes and at the end we were almost starving because we didn’t stay long enough to deserve a free meal. Luckily, Leonardo fed us!

Oh I forgot! There was a highlight! The Rome team!

PR team: Misael and Hector both from Mexico and the Rome alumni! Leo, Frauke and Annalisa! They did an amazing job!!! And of course there were all the great visits we were so fortunate to have! The coliseo was the highlight for me, and of course Cast Rome 2013’s show on December 16, 2013!

That cast rocked, I’m telling you!

Full house, and super great performance! Gotta love them!

I think UWP did an excellent job, with organizing that trip and I heard that Israel is coming up!!!


Jack Chiraffe


We would like to remind you all that there will be a European Alumni Meeting (EAM) in Tallinn, Estonia, May 1–4.
Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and the heart of Estonia’s business life. We as locals say that Tallinn is known for its excellent choice of restaurants, wide variety of sights to see, places to visit and culture to experience–galleries, museums, a unique Seaplane Harbor, TV Tower, Rotermanni Quarter, exceptional architecture, Kumu Art Museum, cozy wineries, lounges with live music, etc. in old town and around it. Our old town is like out of a fairytale. Also, modern necessities like shopping centers are open 7 days a week and you’ll find free wireless Internet everywhere.
This year’s event theme is “Sharing the e-story.” What does this mean? It can be “e” like Estonia. It can also stand for innovation and smart solutions in today’s world: everything is “e”lectronic these days, enabling fast and effective communication. And last but not least, Estonia has received a lot of praise for being a real e-country (e-tax returns, e-parking, the original home of Skype, etc.). And “sharing” – what a great Up with People verb! UWP was all about sharing. A lot in our lives today is also about sharing. Why not share some more?!
Besides the beautiful Tallinn, we offer a wide variety of EAM activities and events to take part in. Scheduled for Tallinn EAM is also a BOG meeting and any alumni who are interested in listening can join in. Besides the daytime EAM meetings, there will be entertainment, dinners, sightseeing, community involvement, take your pick! Friday and Saturday evening events are still being planned but we can promise great venues and fun happenings. More information to follow!
We also have lined up visits to the Estonian Parliament and to the Town Hall plus various cool places to see, eat at or dance in. Also, the EAM hotel is one of the popular ones in Tallinn and is located in walking distance from old town Tallinn (about a 10-minute scenic walk that takes you straight to the Freedom Square).
In order to register and find more information, please go to the official website of EAM Tallinn at
See you all in Tallinn–the city with a nice urban vibe in a cozy setting. Not to mention that May is probably the most beautiful time of year to be here. Mark your calendars now!